the minor imperfections
with a major price-tag

Conversion Optimisation

Minor tweaks, to seal the leaks

How often do you see someone go into the supermarket, look around and walk back out? Not very often. But this is what happens for the vast majority of websites over 75% of the time - their visitors have a good look around, they even get as far as the checkout, but then they leave.

This raises a vast range of questions; Was it your branding? Was it the delivery charge, or just the colour of the checkout button?

We can help you to identify these traits and areas of weakness, by comparing your users flow against any number of variations of your website simultaneously. Let's see what happens when we ask 20% of people to view this wording. How will people respond to this colour change? Let's see what happens if we alter this process or user journey very slightly...

Using real-time A/B(n) testing gives you an incredibly powerful insight into what your visitors are up to.

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